The Mirror and the Reflection

“Be the mirror for others that you wish to see yourself reflected in.”

—Bobbye Middendorf

Too many of us have grown up with our Selves being reflected back to us as if we were looking in a funhouse mirror for most of our lives. Such distorted views of ourselves then became how we experienced our gifts and contributions, how we saw ourselves out in the world. All this is just amping up the sense of inadequacies, shame, and other toxic emotions.

What if there were a sacred mirror that showed you how you really are? What if you could become that mirror for those around you? What if you reflected back to those in your circle or community the deep truth of their beauty and gifts?

By reflecting back to others who they are on a soul level, you are strengthening your own presence. You become the mirror in which others can see themselves truly for the gifts and beauty they have (and yearn) to share. Your mirroring invites them to share from that most sacred and connected places within themselves.

Then for you, as the sacred believing mirror for others: what if you found a place, (or several) where you are welcome to step into the center of the circle and see yourself as you truly are? What if the funhouse mirror distortions of your early family (or town or school or church)  were cleared and there you are: Reflected back to yourself in the eyes and hearts of love and grace and wisdom within the circle.

And so, choose to become the mirror in the likes of which you yearn to be seen. For in so doing, you will be seen for the gifts and grace you provide in your reflections.

What miracles will emerge when you are seeing and being seen through the eyes of soul?