Soft Sell Marketing!

Today I received a heart warming email from
my friends and colleagues Judith & Jim
(husband and wife Judith Sherven, PhD and
Jim Sniechowski, PhD)

thanking me (and all their affiliate partners)

“. . . joining [them] in making sure that anyone
in [my] list community who wants or needs
training in techniques and strategies, in the
mindset and intention of Soft Sell Marketing ”

…gets an Invitation to attend their Virtual
Conference “Bridging Heart and Marketing III”

AND that’s exactly why I’m featuring this message.

Why this conference?

Because it gives you lots to care about –

*** Selling As Spiritual Service
*** Soul-based Pricing
*** Business as Extended Prayer
*** Buyer-Seller Partnership
*** Building Your Business as You Grow Your Self
*** Through 15 Training Sessions to Help You Expand
Your Success and Open Your Heart to Your Customers
and to Yourself – at the same time!

And, that’s the beautiful invitation that can
change your life forever.
Learn more at:

Now it’s up to you to trust your intuition
to tell you whether or not it’s right for you
to go to:

And (in a wallet friendly manner) invest in your
spiritually rich business future where you get to

*** Build Your Business
while you
*** Grow Your Self

Because (as Judith & Jim say) It’s All in the Connection.

PLUS: You’ll be able to
join me as I head into the Success Spotlight
just over halfway through the conference.
Since I attended the live Bridging Heart and Marketing last September,
I have uncovered new possibilities for my business
all thanks to Judith and Jim and the companions
and mentors I connected with.

If you sign up with the link below, I will receive a referral fee.

“Bridging Heart and Marketing III” is really
an awesome Soft Sell Marketing Academy
which gives you the Perfect Preparation for a lifetime
of marketing and selling — not only what you provide
or plan to provide now  but anything and everything
you’ll develop as you grow your business!

AND you have three options
for how to get in on this practical 15-session can-do
Soft Sell Training Panorama!

If you want to check it out right now, just go to:

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Key Words Help Online Prospects Find You

Key Word Basics

Who are your people?  When you are presenting your services via online marketing, what words might potential customers type into a search engine like Google for the problem you solve, the issue you address, or your book or web site that answers their questions?  Identifying key search terms specifically targeting your niche will help you attract the people who are looking for the answers, solutions, and issues for which your books and resources address the need.

In search engines, key words are the search terms that people type in to find the information they need or the problem them want to solve. If you have a book or other info product, ideally you will have one or more key words related to your book’s subject matter in the title, making the book findable to the people who will be searching online for this information or resource.

For example, Dan Poynter’s Self-Publishing Manual is a book title that is key word and search engine friendly.

What follows is a list of resources that report on how many searches are conducted for various words and phrases in key word searches. Some of these tools break out search counts by search engine.  The most general search terms will have millions of searches.  Ideally you want to focus with specificity within your niche.  There are experts and strategies for sharpening your key word strategy, but these tools will get you started.

Spacky is a free and basic key word search tool. It pulls in data about searches from several different search engines.

KWmap is a site where you can see search results visually in a kind of mind-map string of terms that flow from your central (or seed) term.  Then the terms are listed alphabetically. Often by starting with the most general term, you will be able to identify the specific string of key words that most closely match your topic.

At Spyfoo, you can also get a reading on the popularity of search terms by seeing how much it costs to buy them on a pay-per-click basis.

Wordtracker has a free key word search tool, but they also sell by subscription. (Obviously you can more deeply analyze the data using their fee-based version.) WordTracker’s free key word search tool is:

In addition, Wordtracker offers free how-to articles from experts and info at  They also offer books for sale by some of their expert contributors.   is a round-up of several articles specifically about keyword research.

You’ll also find their free ebook guide to key word research at:

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Marketing Made Easy Blueprint

I’ve known and worked with James Roche for almost two years now, and I’m really impressed with the way he is able to present complex marketing ideas in step-by-step, practical fashion.  So I was thrilled to see that he’s come up with a way for people to have a sampling of how he works PLUS access to a cost-effective program that he’s calling the Marketing Made Easy Blueprint!  It condenses all his coaching experience into a home study package.

Have you ever wondered why some people are making an extra
$1,000 or $10,000 a month in extra income while attracting
more clients, generating passive revenue with information
products and doing what they love . . . in any economy?”

The answer is all laid out for you, step-by-step, in James
Roche’s Marketing Made Easy Blueprint . . .

. . . and I HIGHLY recommend it!

James is giving away a free sample with his Special Report
called “The Shift: How to Quit Struggling, Make a Difference
and Join the New Rich.”

Click here for the free report!

Here’s why I think you should check this out . . .

You can discover how to earn a multiple 6-figure income (and
beyond) while making a difference in the lives of people all
around the world.

Imagine if you had a rare blueprint in your hands right now
that shows you the EXACT step-by-step path to the freedom and
lifestyle you desire.

What would you do with the money, freedom and fulfillment it
brings you?
How many lives can you change?

Well, you can get a free sample of what’s possible with
James’s NEW Special Report:

You’ll be shocked and delighted to learn that you already
possess the first half of the golden key that can set you
free . . . you can take the knowledge in your head and turn it into
a fortune.

. . . All you need now is the blueprint that shows you exactly how
to take your knowledge and turn it into info products that
sell quickly and easily.

Do you realize what this means?

You can become free because you’ll have all the money you need
to do whatever you want. AND you’ll leave a positive impact
for lives of many, many other people because you now have the
power to share your life purpose with the whole world.

In James’ “Marketing Made Easy Blueprint,” he reveals all the
shortcut strategies and techniques that he’s fine-tuned over
the past 4 years working one-on-one with his clients.

This program is the summation of ALL his secret formulas and
techniques that will make attracting more clients and creating
information products fast, fun and easy.

Check it out:

Here’s To Your Success!

P.S. – No one else explains the step-by-step marketing secrets
to greater wealth as well as James, so if you’ve ever wanted
to grow your profits fast and create a dream business, this is
one free report you don’t want to miss.

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