Embrace Your Marketing Mindset (4Cs)

“I’d really rather just be doing the work that is mine to do, practicing my art or craft or therapy or career or profession. What is all this about marketing?!”

I’ve heard variations on this phrase for years — starting with the authors I worked with at the publishing company that employed me. They saw marketing, at best, as a necessary evil.

Now that I’m a free agent, hiring out to write and market and coach and strategize with and for my clients, I regularly come across writers, artists, healers, coaches, therapists, designers, attorneys, entrepreneurs, and even bankers who deeply dislike (hate?!) marketing. They see it, at best, as a necessary evil.

These are perfectly capable people who seem baffled when it comes to marketing. They tap fearfully into the seemingly endless supply of  variations on “marketing.” There’s corporate marketing, database marketing, SEO marketing, LOA marketing, internet marketing, social media marketing, MBA marketing, marketing trends, marketing research, marketing segmentation, branding, Superbowl marketing, direct response marketing, B-to-B marketing, B-to-C marketing, and we haven’t even touched advertising or PR, which might be included if you talk about integrated marketing or its longer-winded cousin, integrated marketing communications.

Are you intimidated yet? Are your palms sweating? Is fight or flight kicking in? Maybe this is why you hate marketing. Where are you in all this foreign-sounding gibberish? Where is your heart? Where is your gift? Where, even, are your people?

At the most fundamental level, for Conscious Creators, soul-preneurs, world-changers, visionaries, healers, and others in the soft sell marketing community, it really is all about your people. It’s about you and your community and connecting the two. We can talk about marketing without even going past the letter “C.”

Marketing is all about your Community. You can call it your circle, your clients, your customers, or even your audience. You can even go past “C” and call it your tribe. It’s all about your people. Well, what about them?

Marketing is all about Connecting. Connecting is a two-way process. You connect with them, and they connect with you.  How do you connect? From my perspective as The Write Synergies Guru, I’m partial to making the connections via words.

But connections come in every sensory variety. Music connects. Visuals connect. Paintings. Sculpture. Movies. Architecture. Movement connects. The healing touch of massage therapy connects. Even the tantalizing smells from your local cafe-bakery make a connection.

Marketing = Connecting + Communicating. So you make this connection, and from this connection you communicate. As with connecting, above, all your senses have their ways of communicating. But unless you’re right in front of the bakery or the painting or on the massage chair, the actual connection is tough to maintain. Distance isn’t a friend for these ways of communicating.

That’s why words as a medium (though imperfect) can paint the sensory details in a way that makes the communications possible over long distances and across time and space. Words can connect. Words can bring alive the connections across the world.

Words may be stories (Jeanne Kolenda is a master at stories with a purpose.) or metaphors. Words may be how-to or checklists. Words make up the books, the info products, the blog posts, web sites, brochures, business cards, press releases and even the 140 character tweets that are the currency of our communications.

Words weave the background texts of our lives. Words, both spoken and written, are how we communicate!

You mean marketing is just about talking to people? In the broadest sense, yes. That’s exactly what marketing is.

Connect with your Community by Communicating your Content. We prefer, all things being equal, to do business with people we know, like, and trust. How, in this digital marketplace, do we learn to know, like, and trust strangers?

The bakery cannot communicate its smell across the city to connect with bread-lovers in another neighborhood. But our words, imbued with meaning, with the content of our expertise, shared appropriately and clearly, focused on helping our people address whatever issue they face, packaged in a way to be useful, our words can communicate valuable content.

Marketing is that remarkable bridge, weaving together you, your heart, your creation. It weaves these “Cs” of Community, Connection, Communication, and Content into your message and beams it to your people in a way that they can hear it, can take it in, can process it. Suddenly the two-way span back and forth across your bridge is open.

They walk across the bridge to you. You meet them on this bridge constructed out of words that communicate your content and connect with your community.

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Answers to Questions about Internet Marketing

If you’re intrigued by the possibilities of internet marketing for boosting your business, then you may have some questions.  My mentors, Judith & Jim, along with Tom Justin, are sharing their knowledge and experience of their journeys in getting started in internet marketing.  Tonight’s call is free and is designed to provide answers to the most important questions that you may have regarding this popular business model.  See their note below and sign up to get the call info.

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So, here are a few words of introduction from Judith, Jim, and Tom:

When you’re thinking about starting
something new — like Internet Marketing —

It’s important to know which questions to ask —
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If you’ve started something new — like
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You need guidance —
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» Continue reading “Answers to Questions about Internet Marketing”

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Marketing Made Easy Blueprint

I’ve known and worked with James Roche for almost two years now, and I’m really impressed with the way he is able to present complex marketing ideas in step-by-step, practical fashion.  So I was thrilled to see that he’s come up with a way for people to have a sampling of how he works PLUS access to a cost-effective program that he’s calling the Marketing Made Easy Blueprint!  It condenses all his coaching experience into a home study package.

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Beginners Mind for Online Marketing

Somewhere along the line, after leaving the
publishing business to create an independent
writing practice, it occurred to me that
I was missing something.  I served clients'
copywriting and communication needs.
But something more was calling--to leverage
my skills and passions, to find a way
to share knowledge and insights with a larger
audience and more effectively.

Perhaps you too have been hearing the
siren call of online "passive revenue?"
Well, it's not always as easy as some of
those online gurus make it out to be.
A lot of those how-tos make a ton of assumptions
about what you know already.
If, like me, you know that there's A LOT you
don't know, then find someone willing to show
you the ropes--and not starting in the middle,
but from the very most basic beginning.

If you are tempted by the possibility of not just
trading your hours for dollars,
(whether it's coaching or consulting or copywriting
or designing or whatever is the gift you offer)
then find some teachers who will show you the very
basics, every step of the way.
You might even start with the First Step--
specifically First Step Internet Marketing.

My friends and mentors, Judith Sherven,
Jim Sniechowski, & Tom Justin, created
First Step Internet Marketing.  It's the ONLY
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They are committed to showing you how
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Online sales have continued to grow -- even now.
Curious about how this works?
Even if you can't be on the call, you can
get the recording afterwards--
as long as you get registered in advance.
You'll be sent the audio recording - at no charge. 

It's okay to be a beginner.  It's even good to
approach something
as multi-faceted as internet marketing
with what Zen masters call "Beginner's Mind."

Sign up now to check out the possibilities for yourself.

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Naming Soft Sell Marketers Newsletter

When Judith and Jim, founders of the Soft Sell Marketers Association, asked members last week for a title for their daily newsletter, I played around with the bits and bytes on my keyboard and sent them a list of possibilities.  They found one in my list that really resonated with them.  A couple of days later, they responded enthusiastically, and on April 1, they published the newsletter with its new name, “Your Daily Heartbeat for Soft Sell Marketing.”

It’s great being able to make a contribution to a community that is doing so much to create a soft sell platform for internet marketing, providing a focus on selling as spiritual service. I see this as  a powerful marketing trend that is growing exponentially.  I so admire Judith and Jim for pulling back the curtain to reveal the realities of soft sell  marketing on the internet.  They do it live and in person at their Bridging Heart and Marketing Conference. (More on that at http://bridgingheartandmarketing.com/blog/)

It was also great to receive their public acknowledgment. We all like that!  And they sent me a new PDF e-book on all the ins and outs of testimonials as a thank-you in appreciation for my contribution.  We all like gifts!

Of course, what we all like most of all is to use our own gifts, to bring those gifts out into the public sphere and to see the gift of our brainchild succeed. One of the passions of The Write Synergies Guru is to name things.  Capturing the essence of a book or newsletter with a great title, developing headlines that reach out and resonate in the heart of readers, helping clients own their greatness and express their authentic gifts…well…these are things I do for fun. That’s the best gift of all.

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