Content Plus Community Blog Challenge Post 15

In Connie Ragan Green’s 30-day blog challenge, the level of commitment, knowledge, and overall good vibes of all the participants  is simply stunning. So much so that I have created a new category of links on my sidebar. Check out the “Tips from my Colleagues” on the sidebar. You’ll find links to specific articles overflowing with insights and practical tools and tips. It’s an ongoing project, so check back regularly.

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From the river of Tweets earlier this week, I came across this message from @iandavidchapman who retweeted from @problogger 140 Characters and the Swing to Longer Form Content
My take on the conversation: Community+Content=Twitter&FB+blog.  The basis for an online business is community plus content. And yes, content may also include products, either our own or affiliates, and ideally both. Actually community plus content isn’t a bad model for non-virtual businesses as well: The “content” is your expertise about the products and services offered.

Darren Rowse @problogger concluded his post saying, “Short Form content is powerful in driving traffic to and building conversation and community around your longer form content.”

The community of us gathered in response to Connie’s 30-day blogging challenge is seeing this principle at work. The challenge is not only about creating 30 days of content, but also about getting in the habit of creating content. What I’ve observed after sporadically posting on my blog for just over a year: It’s deflating to just whistle into the void. And that is the amazing piece of this blogging challenge, because the third part of it is stepping into a flow of making connections, which we are doing via Twitter and also via Facebook and the Facebook Networked Blogs application.

There are just an amazing number of ways and places to connect, so it’s a challenge to keep all the pieces straight. And it’s so delicious to connect into a conversation with real people who are doing high-integrity work online, learning and supporting each other in the 30 day blog challenge. There’s great diversity of expertise, yet each colleague speaks with authenticity and authority. Check it out on Twitter at #blog30.

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Shine Your Light In Words–Blog Challenge Day 4

You want to make a difference. How best to do that?

Pondering this, I came synchronistically to the following quote from Neale Donald Walsch:
“Money is not the issue. Having the courage to give your highest gift is the issue.”

The Write Synergies process starts with the understanding that we all have gifts to give.  Most of us still  need to fully own (as in acknowledge to ourselves) the greatness of our being, our inner power, as well as the great contributions that we can give — via our creative projects, ventures, books, talks, web presences. We came here to make a difference, to make our corner of the world a better place by expressing the authenticity of our being. The only way we can do that is to step out of our own way. I have trouble with this too, tripping myself up endlessly.

That’s the beauty of using writing to unearth an inner process, to uncover the depths of our capabilities. Then comes the exhilaration of taking the next step and moving the writing into the outer path, following the trail of words out into the manifest world, giving birth to our creative brainchildren and helping them find their place and their people.

There are souls yearning to awaken to share their gifts and greatness.  This Write Synergies process is one path to help people get from the “in here” to the “out there” with grace and wisdom. It’s the path for those willing to use words to shine their light and share their gifts.  You make a difference just by being who you are, but learning to feel at ease telling your own story lets you magnify your light.

Shine on!

(follow the 30-Day Blog Challenge on Twitter at #blog30)

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Sivers (of CD Baby) reported on this band’s tribe-building experiment .  In the post titled “Emphasize meaning over price = More paid sales,” he calls for others to try it and report on their  results.  While this is focused on bands, I’d say, the more Conscious Creators who try it, the better.

All Conscious Creators — including visionary writers, authors, publishers, speakers, healers, and caregivers, as well as visual and musical artists —   might glean some new marketing mojo by experimenting with this method of “connecting to the heart of your fans” for creating powerful resonance, building relationships, and building the greater community.  It might be your social media experiment in generosity. And generosity can feed and grow in myriad ways.

As the Write Synergies Guru, I have to say that building community around generosity and authenticity are the keys to generating results greater than the sum of the parts, so ramp up those synergies!

My thanks to Terry Madl, Renaissance Man Extraordinaire, of Strange Attractor Press, for bringing this link  to my attention.

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The Paradigm Shift in Soft Sell Marketing

Like it or not, the business paradigm shift is here.  You can always see how far business as usual takes you, although right now I’d characterize that as a  head-in-the-sand approach.

Or you can enter a dialogue to create a new model of business that reflects your authenticity, connection, community.  You can stand up, express your gifts, and own your greatness as part of the Soft Sell Marketing trend.  Judith and Jim are opening the dialogue for Soft Sell Marketers to come together to see how we might consciously co-create this paradigm shift.  See their blog post at:

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Naming Soft Sell Marketers Newsletter

When Judith and Jim, founders of the Soft Sell Marketers Association, asked members last week for a title for their daily newsletter, I played around with the bits and bytes on my keyboard and sent them a list of possibilities.  They found one in my list that really resonated with them.  A couple of days later, they responded enthusiastically, and on April 1, they published the newsletter with its new name, “Your Daily Heartbeat for Soft Sell Marketing.”

It’s great being able to make a contribution to a community that is doing so much to create a soft sell platform for internet marketing, providing a focus on selling as spiritual service. I see this as  a powerful marketing trend that is growing exponentially.  I so admire Judith and Jim for pulling back the curtain to reveal the realities of soft sell  marketing on the internet.  They do it live and in person at their Bridging Heart and Marketing Conference. (More on that at

It was also great to receive their public acknowledgment. We all like that!  And they sent me a new PDF e-book on all the ins and outs of testimonials as a thank-you in appreciation for my contribution.  We all like gifts!

Of course, what we all like most of all is to use our own gifts, to bring those gifts out into the public sphere and to see the gift of our brainchild succeed. One of the passions of The Write Synergies Guru is to name things.  Capturing the essence of a book or newsletter with a great title, developing headlines that reach out and resonate in the heart of readers, helping clients own their greatness and express their authentic gifts…well…these are things I do for fun. That’s the best gift of all.

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Secrets to Magnify Your Excellence

Has anyone ever helped you live your life from
the deep truth of who you really are…?

Chances are your answer is “No.”

Yet your deep truth is where your personal genius
resides. Not understanding this or knowing how to
bring it forth with authenticity is the root of failure, frustration,
and potential lifelong emptiness.

If you’re aware that you tend to play down your
excellence then I’m urging you to make sure to
attend a very special teleseminar put on by my
mentors, friends, colleagues, the husband and wife
team of Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski (Judith & Jim)
Tonight Wednesday March 11 at 6 pm PST.

They’ll be talking with you about what gets in the
way of you being free to “Magnify Your Excellence!”
You’ll get a taste of what Judith and Jim will be offering
at an upcoming in-person workshop.  I know I’m more than
ready to magnify my excellence, so I’m scheduled to attend
their live event in April and wanted to make sure that you, my

friends and colleagues, get a chance to experience a bit

of the magic of Judith and Jim’s process and better express your authenticity.

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Are these synergies for you?

Interested in results greater than the sum of the parts?  Then maybe Write Synergies Copywriting is a resource for you.  You’re a person comfortable playing in the world of words.  When you see “synergies,” you aren’t intimidated. You’re fascinated.  You’re excited about the possibilities.  You see tantalizing opportunities.  You want to connect the dots for that bigger picture–and bigger results for your projects.

Words, writing, telling the authentic story of yourself and your project is crucial to making the connections with your perfect audience of clients/customers/readers.  If you are ready for owning and expressing your authenticity and your greatness, then consider Write Synergies Copywriting as an oasis and Bobbye Middendorf as your coach and marketing partner.

Write Synergies Copywriting will help you draw together all the disparate threads that make up your creative project so that you express your fullness, the joyful whole of who you are and what you are about.  You’ll express the heart and soul of this amazing creation (book, project, venture) that you’ve poured your creative passions into.  Maybe you’re entering here at a door marked “copywriting,” but that’s just one room in a house big enough to encompass your authenticity and give voice to the heart of your creative endeavor.

The American Heritage Dictionary says synergy comes from the Greek.  “From Greek sunergi, cooperation, from sunergos, working together. sun-, syn- + ergon, work;”  See it here.

If you resonate with synergies like these, then consider: Is it time to work together?

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