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Do You Know Your Internal Marketing Platform?

Why do I ask? Well…..

My friends/ colleagues/ mentors Judith & Jim
(Judith Sherven, PhD and Jim Sniechowski, PhD)
spent years struggling to understand what a real business is
and what all is involved to build one on solid ground…

They realized that it MUST start with a clear Internal
Understanding of what it is you are doing –
first and foremost for your
own sake — and also for your customers.

Most people struggle with this issue big time, but
never talk about it. I know I have.
Most people just hide their desperation
and misery  —  but Judith & Jim are doing something
completely different.

They’ve realized that clear understanding needs
to start with a clear Internal Marketing Platform!

That’s why I am inviting you to attend their FREE
Virtual Workshop this Thursday —

Register by clicking here

So You Can Get Clear About YOUR Internal Marketing Platform

There always seemed to be something missing with all
the well-meaning marketing and promo advice.
It’s this internal focus that needs to come FIRST is what
I’ve realized is key.  My coaches and mentors are sharing —
for the first time in a live no-cost workshop  — a true
self-discovery experience (It’s much much more than
Judith & Jim just teaching or training, as great as that is!)

It’s really all about  YOU . . .

*** How to discover, in yourself, what you need
in order to build and stand firmly on your own
successful Internal Soft Sell Marketing Platform ***

They’re calling it

“Discovering Your Internal Marketing Platform”
It’s The Foundation of Your External Marketing Success

It’s FREE  —  So give yourself this gift — and
get registered now:

It’s Thursday, July 8th, at 5:30 pm Pacific/8:30 pm ET

Judith & Jim will start by clarifying what a Marketing
Platform IS,  what it is NOT, and why it’s SO important to you —

And then you’ll experience a Marketing Workshop that’s
truly different from what you’ve ever experienced before

Because Judith & Jim will guide you, taking you deep
inside yourself to help you discover and integrate
the important values and other qualities that will
serve as the basis for your out-in-the-world
marketing platform.

Remember, if your marketing platform does not begin
within, you can only stumble and fall, losing faith
and energy as you continually jump around trying to
make things work.

So make sure you are registered for this
FREE, life-changing event –

AND you can certainly invite your friends and colleagues
to get registered too! That way you can share your
discoveries and support each other in moving forward
into greater success through your Internal marketing platforms!

“See” you on the call. I’m certainly going to be there.
As I like to say, “the inner journey IS the journey.”
Hope you will join me and my mentors in Soft Sell Marketing.

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Soft Sell Marketing!

Today I received a heart warming email from
my friends and colleagues Judith & Jim
(husband and wife Judith Sherven, PhD and
Jim Sniechowski, PhD)

thanking me (and all their affiliate partners)

“. . . joining [them] in making sure that anyone
in [my] list community who wants or needs
training in techniques and strategies, in the
mindset and intention of Soft Sell Marketing ”

…gets an Invitation to attend their Virtual
Conference “Bridging Heart and Marketing III”

AND that’s exactly why I’m featuring this message.

Why this conference?

Because it gives you lots to care about –

*** Selling As Spiritual Service
*** Soul-based Pricing
*** Business as Extended Prayer
*** Buyer-Seller Partnership
*** Building Your Business as You Grow Your Self
*** Through 15 Training Sessions to Help You Expand
Your Success and Open Your Heart to Your Customers
and to Yourself – at the same time!

And, that’s the beautiful invitation that can
change your life forever.
Learn more at:

Now it’s up to you to trust your intuition
to tell you whether or not it’s right for you
to go to:

And (in a wallet friendly manner) invest in your
spiritually rich business future where you get to

*** Build Your Business
while you
*** Grow Your Self

Because (as Judith & Jim say) It’s All in the Connection.

PLUS: You’ll be able to
join me as I head into the Success Spotlight
just over halfway through the conference.
Since I attended the live Bridging Heart and Marketing last September,
I have uncovered new possibilities for my business
all thanks to Judith and Jim and the companions
and mentors I connected with.

If you sign up with the link below, I will receive a referral fee.

“Bridging Heart and Marketing III” is really
an awesome Soft Sell Marketing Academy
which gives you the Perfect Preparation for a lifetime
of marketing and selling — not only what you provide
or plan to provide now  but anything and everything
you’ll develop as you grow your business!

AND you have three options
for how to get in on this practical 15-session can-do
Soft Sell Training Panorama!

If you want to check it out right now, just go to:

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How To Build Your Soft Sell Marketing Success

Build Your Soft Sell Marketing Success With These No-Cost Trainings

I am so excited to share this with you because my mentors,
friends, and colleagues Judith & Jim (Judith Sherven
and Jim Sniechowski) are setting aside the evenings
of September 2 & 3 to Train You in Soft Sell Marketing


On these ground-breaking calls they’ll share with you:

*** How Selling Can Be Spiritual Service (when you know
the mindset that works every time)

*** 3 Key Elements to Soft Sell Profits (and they’re
probably not what you’re imagining)

*** Secrets to the Success of Other Key Soft Sell Marketers –
who will make Guest Appearances on the Tele-calls

*** AND Judith & Jim Will Answer The Questions You
Submit When You Register for These Calls!

(Ready to cut to the chase and reserve your seat? Go to:

This is a BRAND-NEW FREE Teleclass from Judith & Jim

“Enjoy Soft Sell Success – Marketing What You LOVE”

on Wednesday, September 2 and Thursday September 3,
at 9 pm EDT/6 pm PDT at No-Cost to YOU!

They’re going to train you in Soft Sell Marketing,
just like they are helping thousands of people around
the world market with heart, with integrity,
AND with financial success!  Register at:

» Continue reading “How To Build Your Soft Sell Marketing Success”

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The Paradigm Shift in Soft Sell Marketing

Like it or not, the business paradigm shift is here.  You can always see how far business as usual takes you, although right now I’d characterize that as a  head-in-the-sand approach.

Or you can enter a dialogue to create a new model of business that reflects your authenticity, connection, community.  You can stand up, express your gifts, and own your greatness as part of the Soft Sell Marketing trend.  Judith and Jim are opening the dialogue for Soft Sell Marketers to come together to see how we might consciously co-create this paradigm shift.  See their blog post at:

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Naming Soft Sell Marketers Newsletter

When Judith and Jim, founders of the Soft Sell Marketers Association, asked members last week for a title for their daily newsletter, I played around with the bits and bytes on my keyboard and sent them a list of possibilities.  They found one in my list that really resonated with them.  A couple of days later, they responded enthusiastically, and on April 1, they published the newsletter with its new name, “Your Daily Heartbeat for Soft Sell Marketing.”

It’s great being able to make a contribution to a community that is doing so much to create a soft sell platform for internet marketing, providing a focus on selling as spiritual service. I see this as  a powerful marketing trend that is growing exponentially.  I so admire Judith and Jim for pulling back the curtain to reveal the realities of soft sell  marketing on the internet.  They do it live and in person at their Bridging Heart and Marketing Conference. (More on that at

It was also great to receive their public acknowledgment. We all like that!  And they sent me a new PDF e-book on all the ins and outs of testimonials as a thank-you in appreciation for my contribution.  We all like gifts!

Of course, what we all like most of all is to use our own gifts, to bring those gifts out into the public sphere and to see the gift of our brainchild succeed. One of the passions of The Write Synergies Guru is to name things.  Capturing the essence of a book or newsletter with a great title, developing headlines that reach out and resonate in the heart of readers, helping clients own their greatness and express their authentic gifts…well…these are things I do for fun. That’s the best gift of all.

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