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Shine Your Divine Light

Earlier this week, in the throes of the negative nastiness and polarities now at play on our national stage, I felt called to create a message to hold a different perspective. As you have a chance, I’d love it if you feel called to watch, like, and share it.


Love and Light,

Bobbye Middendorf
Poet of Pure Potentiality

P.S. It’s your choice to
explore how YOUR Divine Light
does make a difference so you
can shine brighter!
I’d love it if you feel called
to like and share.










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Winter Solstice 2011 Poem






 Honoring Winter Solstice 2011

Dusk starts folding in shortly after lunch.
Sun’s Southerly arc
Creates spaciousness in early twilight sky.
A single planet arises above Eastern horizon.
Brightness blooms before darkness descends.

From under a welter of initiatives and mountains of missives
Day’s end and cavernous silence
Swiftly inserted as our salvation
Inviting imagination to play.

Ungainly illusions and expectations knock about
Loud as bumper cars on a fenced track.
Seasonality shored up by carnival barkers spitting
Holiday spirit on sale tags increasingly shrill, urgent, alarming.

Breathe the early night air and embrace
freedom in the dark thrill of silence.
Let peace descend as night laps at the edge of Earth’s carpet.
And when all is darkest night
Consider your mission is simple: to shine.
Other dots illuminate the landscape.
Holidays of Light from every tradition mingle —
Uncertain how far that goodwill extends.
And yet the common foundation for the billions of brilliances —
an underscore, an uncommon heritage of souls.

We are the ones called, called to Light, called to illuminate.
We are the ones answering the call.
We are the ones we have been waiting for.
We are the voices at hand to speak up.
We are the bowl vibrating with resonant waves of love on the wind.
We are the candle shimmering to brighten the darkest corner.
We are the book — the sacred tomes — and each soul a story,
And each story, a connection,
And each connection reverberating…

“We are the ones!”

Launching spots to multi-

We are the ones.

Shine, my friends.
Shine on, blessed
Illuminati of the Divine Heart Center.


Bobbye Middendorf
18 December 2011
Photo courtesy Middendorf-Salovaara

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Make holy every moment
Acknowledge the sacred in every place, every

All the atoms in the universe make up the
Breathing body of God.

Some travel and pilgrimage to far lands…
Seeking… Seeking… Seeking

I say, “Go inside.”
It is your own infinite voyage of discovery

The diamonds and sacred crystals
Patiently await your attention.

Wake up!
Go inside!
Uncover your treasure!
Bring it forth!

Chant this like your personal mantra—
A reminder that all you dream of is present
When you awaken to your Inner Presence

As Source.

—Bobbye Middendorf
Your Vision Midwife and Creation Coach

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Snow Is Earth’s Crystal Medicine

With all the weather-related stories blizzarding the media, I was entranced by this perfectly timed insight from a Toltec teacher visiting Maine.  I acknowledge with gratitude the source. The following comes via Joanna Pinney Buell at
And her post advising “Don’t-let-overwhelm-stop-you-from-showing-up”

“Weather is not an impediment. It is a blessing. The snow is beautiful, sparkling crystal medicine for you and the earth.”
Dabadi Thaayrohyadi
January 30, 2011 in Blue Hill, in Maine

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