It takes as long as it takes

The Write Synergies Guru took her sweet time in getting up a sign up box and special report on this site.  It’s up there now. See? Over to the right?  And it feels like an accomplishment long in the making.  Check it out: The Write Synergies Path to Owning Your Greatness: From Inner Journey to Outer Expression.

All I can say is that it takes as long as it takes.  And still, there are likely refinements to the process.  It’s all an experiment anyway.  (Dale Dauten’s book from years ago, called The Max Strategy, was one of those business fables that provided this very useful perspective–it *is* all just an experiment anyway.) Let’s just see what happens.

A bit later, I will be co-presenting with Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski to the Soft Sell Marketers Association members–all about press releases.

It’s all experiment. It’s all process. It’s all about learning and curiosity and open-minded, open-hearted explorations.