How To Build Your Soft Sell Marketing Success

Build Your Soft Sell Marketing Success With These No-Cost Trainings

I am so excited to share this with you because my mentors,
friends, and colleagues Judith & Jim (Judith Sherven
and Jim Sniechowski) are setting aside the evenings
of September 2 & 3 to Train You in Soft Sell Marketing


On these ground-breaking calls they’ll share with you:

*** How Selling Can Be Spiritual Service (when you know
the mindset that works every time)

*** 3 Key Elements to Soft Sell Profits (and they’re
probably not what you’re imagining)

*** Secrets to the Success of Other Key Soft Sell Marketers –
who will make Guest Appearances on the Tele-calls

*** AND Judith & Jim Will Answer The Questions You
Submit When You Register for These Calls!

(Ready to cut to the chase and reserve your seat? Go to:

This is a BRAND-NEW FREE Teleclass from Judith & Jim

“Enjoy Soft Sell Success – Marketing What You LOVE”

on Wednesday, September 2 and Thursday September 3,
at 9 pm EDT/6 pm PDT at No-Cost to YOU!

They’re going to train you in Soft Sell Marketing,
just like they are helping thousands of people around
the world market with heart, with integrity,
AND with financial success!  Register at:

For this ground-breaking call you get to attend
at no cost. That’s right. No cost to you whatsoever.

>>>>> Answering Your Most Pressing Soft Sell Question

When you Register you get to attend this 2-part
Soft Sell Marketing Tele-Training September 2nd & 3rd –
QUESTION About Soft Sell Marketing!

And… Judith & Jim will do everything they can
to answer those questions for you during the calls.

NOTE — Knowing Judith & Jim as I do, you can count
on taking away lots of inspiring, motivating, and
put-to-use, take-action content from both evenings!

And if you can’t be on the calls, don’t worry!
Judith & Jim will record them and you’ll receive
the links for the recordings as long as you
have registered for these calls.

So Register Now!

Oh AND – Feel free to invite friends and colleagues
to these calls, but please remember to reserve
your spot HERE first!
Bobbye Middendorf

The Write Synergies Guru