Answers to Questions about Internet Marketing

If you’re intrigued by the possibilities of internet marketing for boosting your business, then you may have some questions.  My mentors, Judith & Jim, along with Tom Justin, are sharing their knowledge and experience of their journeys in getting started in internet marketing.  Tonight’s call is free and is designed to provide answers to the most important questions that you may have regarding this popular business model.  See their note below and sign up to get the call info.

(If you want to sign up right away, you can go to:  and yes, to be completely transparent, that is my affiliate #.  That means if you do decide to buy the course, I will get a commission. The course they’ve created, called First Step Internet Marketing, is one that I refer to constantly as I re-create and refine my business models.

So, here are a few words of introduction from Judith, Jim, and Tom:

When you’re thinking about starting
something new — like Internet Marketing —

It’s important to know which questions to ask —
And it’s important to know where to get
the answers.

If you’ve started something new — like
Internet Marketing — whether it’s for your
own programs or products — or as an affiliate
promoting other people’s programs —

You need guidance —
Not just generalized guidance, but the
type of guidance that’s exactly right
for where you are right now.

That’s why my colleagues Judith, Jim and Tom
have organized a No-Cost Tteleseminar that
you are invited to attend.

It’s this Monday August 3 at 6 pm PT


Judith, Jim, and Tom — 2 Shrinks and A
Marketing Guy – are the developers of the
globally popular course –
First Step Internet Marketing.

And they are going to share with you the key questions
you need to be asking yourself –

And they’ll give you solid guidance from their own
experience — to help you get clearer about what
you need to be doing or thinking about right now —
so you can more easily advance your online success!

Curious about their credentials?


I really appreciate your professional, honest
inspiring, supporting, positive and clear
approach in this First Step course. I learn so much!
Francoise Horenburg, Botswana

I’ve taken a lot of Internet marketing courses
and this one is absolutely perfect.
It’s the course I wish I’d had first.
Pat Wiklund, PhD, San Francisco, CA


Judith, Jim, and Tom are going to
share the most important questions about
succeeding at Internet Marketing.

AND they are going to give you the answers!

Why are they doing this?

Because, as they reveal very openly, they will,
as they say, “Never, never, never forget what
it was like to be sooooo confused when
we started out.”

That’s why they are dedicated to helping you
avoid costly and confusing mistakes!

AND – if they have time they will answer your
questions as well.

So get registered by going to:

And Step Up To Your Success!