Yes indeed. “You Matter.”

It’s worth saying again.  “You matter.”  Then take a minute to go back to Seth Godin’s original post about this.

Seth Godin said it in a June blog post, “You Matter” , and it is short, powerful and well worth printing out for daily review.  I even took it to share with a meditation circle that I led.   Although he doesn’t (as far as I know) bill himself in the spiritual entrepreneurship or conscious business categories, Seth has built a following with his out-of-the-ordinary approaches.  In this case, his  “You Matter”  blog post  expresses the highest spiritual principles aligned with inspiration and motivation that ties in to the magnify your excellence mindset that Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski also express in their intimate workshop (Magnify Your Excellence that will be held in the UK this fall) and their innovative Bridging Heart and Marketing event, scheduled for fall now as a cost-effective virtual event.

To give credit where it’s due, Seth’s post came to my attention through my friend KatyBeth at Camp Run-A-Pup.