Beginners Mind for Online Marketing

Somewhere along the line, after leaving the
publishing business to create an independent
writing practice, it occurred to me that
I was missing something.  I served clients'
copywriting and communication needs.
But something more was calling--to leverage
my skills and passions, to find a way
to share knowledge and insights with a larger
audience and more effectively.

Perhaps you too have been hearing the
siren call of online "passive revenue?"
Well, it's not always as easy as some of
those online gurus make it out to be.
A lot of those how-tos make a ton of assumptions
about what you know already.
If, like me, you know that there's A LOT you
don't know, then find someone willing to show
you the ropes--and not starting in the middle,
but from the very most basic beginning.

If you are tempted by the possibility of not just
trading your hours for dollars,
(whether it's coaching or consulting or copywriting
or designing or whatever is the gift you offer)
then find some teachers who will show you the very
basics, every step of the way.
You might even start with the First Step--
specifically First Step Internet Marketing.

My friends and mentors, Judith Sherven,
Jim Sniechowski, & Tom Justin, created
First Step Internet Marketing.  It's the ONLY
Internet marketing course out
there for the true beginner!
They are committed to showing you how
simple and basic it is
to get started creating your financial success
online.  They're giving a Teleseminar -
Tuesday April 7 at 6 pm PST/9 pm EST

Online sales have continued to grow -- even now.
Curious about how this works?
Even if you can't be on the call, you can
get the recording afterwards--
as long as you get registered in advance.
You'll be sent the audio recording - at no charge. 

It's okay to be a beginner.  It's even good to
approach something
as multi-faceted as internet marketing
with what Zen masters call "Beginner's Mind."

Sign up now to check out the possibilities for yourself.